This Isn’t a Review is a place for me, Chuck Sebian-Lander, to write essays about films and television and maybe some other things, too. As time passes, I’d like to adapt some of these (and other thoughts) into video essays via my YouTube channel.

As the title may suggest, these are not reviews; I’m not trying to recommend or not recommend that folks watch any one thing or another. I just have thoughts about the media I consume, and this is my outlet to share them/ramble about them at some length.

That in mind, here are some caveats and ground rules that might be useful to say out loud somewhere:

  1. An essay is not an endorsement of the subject or its assorted creators and collaborators.
  2. If you’re finding yourself put off or personally attacked by anything written here, please do assume there’s an invisible “My personal opinion is that” tagged onto the start of every sentence/paragraph.
  3. If there’s something factually or technically incorrect on this website, it’s my fault. I’m the writer, editor, Godhead, et al. If you notice something’s wrong, let me know! I would genuinely love to get the heads up.

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, etc. et all, I would be delighted to engage on Twitter, via YouTube, privately via email, or however else strikes your fancy.

As for who I am: I’m just some guy. I’ve had some poems and essays published elsewhere in the past, I went to graduate school for creative writing, but that’s about it for bona fides. I hope that’s OK; my intention is that these essays speak for themselves, outside of whatever reputation (or lack thereof) their author may possess.